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The team

Karolina Bisek legal & bookkeeping office was founded and is still run by Karolina Bisek, who has been engaged in bookkeeping since the year 2007 and holds a title for rendering bookkeeping services.

Karolina Bisek graduated in law at Wroclaw University and in accounting and tax studies at Wroclaw University of Economics, among others. She gained valuable experience by working in mainly construction companies where she not only kept the books but also supervised bookkeeping department. Currently she is in the process of acquiring qualifications for a tax advisor and expert auditor.

In 2016 Karolina Bisek graduated in bankruptcy and restructuring law at postgraduate studies at Lazarski University in Warsaw. In December 2016 she passed an exam for a restructuring advisor. She holds a restructuring advisor license no. 1098 and, as an additional asset, a Certificate of Professional Competence in International Road Cargo Transport, thanks to which transport companies are able to obtain a transporting license with her aid.

Since the office was established, Karolina Bisek consistently pursued her vision – she wanted to set up a place where an entrepreneur could receive a comprehensive support in the scope of all formal aspects of running a business – starting with walking through the process of setting up a company or a partnership, through comprehensive legal and bookkeeping support and finishing with restructuring advisory. This is why she formed an interdisciplinary team comprised of between ten and twenty highly qualified and experienced specialists – not only in the domain of finance, but also law, taxes and enterprise restructuring.

One of the key values of Karolina Bisek legal & bookkeeping office is constant development and raising employees’ qualifications. This is the reason why the team regularly participates in postgraduate studies and specialized trainings in accounting and taxes, among others. All this aims at the team becoming more familiar with bookkeeping and tax issues so that afterwards they can skilfully resolve the most challenging ones. The team shares their expert knowledge with clients, not only by supporting businesses in bookkeeping and legal matters, but also by providing specialized trainings in legal, bookkeeping, accounting and tax areas.

In her private life, Karolina Bisek is a woman of various interests. She is interested in healthy eating and likes to stay fit. Based on those interests, she opened a restaurant Fitback Food & Family, serving healthy and delicious meals for the whole family and people following special diets and created her own coffee brand, Fitback Coffee. A desire to share the experience she gained by opening a restaurant inspired her to extend the offer of Karolina Bisek legal & bookkeeping office to include comprehensive aid in founding such businesses.